Product: HFC-1 Fundus Camera
Top Line: Coburn Technologies is introducing the HFC-1 Non-Mydriatic Fundus Camera, a new retinal camera manufactured by Huvitz, Co. Ltd.
Close Up: The HFC-1 features highly accurate autodetection technology for sharp, quick and reliable retinal imaging and measurements. “The HFC-1 Fundus Camera is an optimal addition to our diagnostic product line,” said Alex Incera, president of Coburn Technologies. “The HFC-1 provides eyecare professionals with the highest precision in retinal imaging through its advanced autodetection and enhanced visualization technology.”
Automated tracking and shooting allow the HFC-1 Fundus Camera to adjust modes quickly and stably on its own while measuring differing pupil sizes. Its 20-megapixel high-definition camera captures images with reduced Motion Artifact and has the capability to enlarge images to study fine details. The new HFC-1 Fundus Camera includes a variety of image modes: color, blue, red, red-free and cobalt which aid in examinations for glaucoma, RNFL, edema, pigmentary abnormalities and more. Eyecare providers can measure, analyze, diagnose and report all on site using the Fundus Camera’s build-in PC with its convenient 12.1” LCD touch screen to navigate. “The Fundus Camera has numerous new features that add tremendous value for retinal imaging and examinations,” commented Incera. “The full color image acquisition and auto tracking technology is ideal for our eyecare professional customers who need efficient, automated technology for smooth and easy use.”
Vital Stats: The HFC-1 Fundus Camera is fully compatible with all EMR Systems and equipped with a full year warranty.; 1-800-COBURN-1