SAN DIEGO—Zeiss has created a full portfolio of lenses for on the move, connected wearers. The SmartLife portfolio, which consists of an Individual SV, Digital Lens and four progressives, is optimized using a new design fingerprint, pupil size and a 3D object model to consider our environmental and ergonomic challenges presented by today’s spectacle wearers.

Zeiss SmartLife lenses enable patients of all ages to have more comfortable vision in today’s fast-paced world. SmartLife lenses incorporate these unique design features:

- Clear Optics provides precision in every step of lens design and fabrication.
- Thin Optics improves aesthetics by achieving the best in thin and light lenses.
- Smart Dynamic Optics and Age Intelligence establish a new technology platform called SmartView. These new technologies provide a new object space model that accounts for today’s visual dynamics while providing a smoother distribution of powers to improve vision during eye movements that cover a larger area of the lens. This is an adaptive lens design technology to address every visual stage of our life.

Zeiss SmartLife single vision, digital and progressive lenses are now available to all independent Zeiss eyecare professionals nationwide.