Product: MauiPassport Boost
Top Line: Maui Jim is releasing MauiPassport Boost, a new lens design that is intended to reduce the fatigue people may experience when constantly focusing and refocusing while shifting between various near objects.
Close Up: The introduction of MauiPassport Boost marks the start of a new lens design category that combines the benefits of an anti-fatigue lens in the near field with the experience of wearing a single vision lens at distance. The lens is designed to help “break through the visual chaos of busy lifestyles and is an excellent solution for eye strain caused by being on digital devices all day,” according to Maui Jim.
“Maui Jim is always looking to offer customers an easy solution to eye health, with our high-quality sun and ophthalmic frames and lenses,” said Maui Jim senior director of brand marketing and management, Diego de Castro. “With the launch of the MauiPassport Boost lens, we are hoping to reduce eye strain and fatigue for those frequently on devices, and we are frequently looking to innovate and upgrade our lens technology.”
Vital Stats: There are two design range options for the MauiPassport Boost. The +0.50D Boost Zone is recommended for single vision wearers experiencing mild to moderate eye fatigue symptoms. The +0.90D Boost Zone is recommended for single vision wearers experiencing moderate to severe eye fatigue symptoms.
MauiPassport Boost will be available in all clear material options, including Maui Blue Light Protect and Maui High Contrast. Particularly for patients with digital eye strain, the combination of Maui Blue Light Protect with MauiPassport Boost is an ideal solution to help improve symptoms.