Quick Take: Tree Spectacles is presenting The Coloristic Collection.
Specifics: The collection is made up of 24 optical styles in acetate and bio acetate. Each frame features a combination of acetate colors, creating a dynamic and harmonious design. The collection is the result of a study into color and color combinations rooted in color theory.
Selling Point: Marco Barp, co-founder, Tree Spectacles, said, “By studying colors and how they combine, we have been able to develop this new Coloristic collection with a completely engaging energy and freshness....we have combined multiple acetate colors with elegant contrasting effects and beautiful harmonies. This is really a new innovation-led departure for Tree Spectacles, and yet it is a concept that is deeply connected to our minimalist and modern aesthetic… Through the synergy of minimalism and modern design, the study of color emerges as the unifying element that gives coherence and vitality to the collection itself.”