Transitions Optical Offers Free ABO-Approved Online Webinar Series


Product: ABO-approved, online webinars
Top Line: Transitions Optical is now offering three new online webinars for ABO-approved continuing education credits to help eyecare professionals enhance their knowledge and skills to better serve their patients. The three webinars available online are Harmful Blue Light and Optical Solutions, Better Vision with Transitions Signature GEN 8, and Light Management: The Need for Ocular Solutions.
Close Up: The on-demand courses bring learning directly to eyecare professionals as they are free and completely virtual, making it easy for them to complete the courses at their convenience. Interested eyecare professionals can visit the Continuing Education section under the Learning Center on or search by course name to access the pre-recorded webinars of their choice. After viewing the webinar, participants must successfully complete a quiz to receive their continuing education credits. Overview of the ABO Courses:
• Better Vision with Transitions Signature GEN 8 examines the relationship between our eyes and light, and the opportunity to offer the benefits of adaptive lenses to a larger consumer base with Transitions Signature GEN 8 lenses. Learn more about the innovative technology behind Transitions Signature GEN 8 lenses, and how it meets patients’ needs.
• Harmful Blue Light and Optical Solutions educates on the potentially harmful effects of blue light, the most common sources of harmful blue light and the products available to help protect patients.
• Light Management: The Need for Ocular Solutions explores light and our relationship with it. Topics include its long-term phototoxic effect on vision, short-term impact on our daily lives, and the ability of ocular solutions to manage light under all circumstances.
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