Product: Eye Docs Now, a new app in the optical business created by Mark Miller.
Top Line: The Eye Docs Now app is for ODs who are looking for fill-in work in practices, and practice owners who have patient care slots in need of a doctor. The app links job-hunters and job posters on specific search parameters. For example, optometrists and opticians can search for a job on a specific day or dates, search for a permanent job or receive emails about posted jobs. Job-hunters can also post days they are available along with pay desired. Employer and candidate can negotiate pay, also.
Close Up: The app is free to download, and is available in the Apple App Store and on Android Apps by Google Play. It is presented in a user friendly format that allows optometrists and opticians to search for a job on a specific day or date, search for a permanent job, post the days and dates they are available, along with desired pay, so that they can contact practices directly via push notification and chat. The app allows job seekers of fill-in work to negotiate their payment directly with employers and receive e-mails about jobs posted.
Vital Stats: From a practice owner perspective, the app enables employers to post information about open positions in their offices. An employer can post for a job on a specific date or day, post for a permanent job, negotiate payment directly with employees, post days available and pay desired, so applicants can contact them directly via push notification and chat and receive e-mail about a jobs posted.
Mark Miller, creator of the app, is a 53-year veteran of the optical business, and believes that an “app like Eye Docs Now would have saved him many panicked efforts to find an OD for a busy Saturday, vacation week or last minute calls about a doc who couldn’t make it in to work.”
Download the free app for Apple or Android devices. Visit for more information.