Product: Optejet
Top Line: While traditional eye drop bottles require hand-eye coordination and deliver four to five times more medication than the human eye can hold, Eyenovia’s Optejet dispenser's human-centric design administers an easier, more accurate and appropriate dose directly where it is needed in the eye.
Close Up: Traditional eye drops normally overdose the patient's eye with medication and preservatives. Eyenovia's easy-to-use, novel Optejet dispenser administers precisely 8µL of medication to the eye, effectively treating the patient's condition while creating a more gentle dosing experience. "The unique delivery mechanism of the Optejet will fundamentally change how we think about eye medication," said Michael Rowe, CEO of Eyenovia. "Right now, traditional eye drops can result in significant dose-related side effects for the treatment of chronic illnesses like glaucoma. The Optejet dispenser is designed for patients to experience easier administration and fewer side effects with similar efficacy."
Vital Stats: The Optejet dispenser administers ophthalmic solutions horizontally using Eyenovia's proprietary Microdose Array Print (MAP) technology. The system functions similar to an inkjet printer, delivering accurate microdoses through a precision spray. Traditional eye drops deliver four to five times larger volume than the human eye can actually hold, which causes eye drops to roll down the face and overdose the eye with preservatives.
Eyenovia, Inc. (NASDAQ: EYEN) is an ophthalmic pharmaceutical technology company developing a pipeline of microdose array print (MAP) therapeutics. The company is currently focused on the late-stage development of microdosed medications for mydriasis, presbyopia, and myopia progression. Eyenovia's first marketed invention is expected to be MydCombi, a first-in-class drug-device combination microdose for in-office pupil dilation. This potentially will help save physician's chair time, eliminating the traditional three eyedrops used for a patient's eye exam. Other products in the Eyenovia pipeline include MicroLine (for the treatment of presbyopia) and MicroPine (for the treatment of myopia).