Smart Reading Glasses to Debut at Vision Expo


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Product: Dynafocals
Top Line: Dynafocals is a dynamic focus eyeglass. Developed by PHTL, a Dallas-based technology company, Dynafocals provide a complete solution for all focus vision needs in a sleek, comfortable and affordable pair of glasses. The user can carry out their daily routine without the need for swapping glasses or head contortions to achieve perfect focus.
PHTL will debut Dynafocals next week at Vision Expo.
Close Up: Dynafocals change the focus for the user based on what is viewed by him or her. The reading glass user can clearly see distant objects, computer screen or near-print just by looking at the object. Using the distance-sensing chip and standard progressive lenses, the frame position is adjusted to bring focus to users view. If a user is working on the computer, it is detected by Dynafocals, and the nosepad is adjusted to bring the near focus area of the progressive lens into user’s view. PHTL recommends Dynafocals for desktop use and other activities.
PHTL will also be showcasing its smart glasses with integrated Alexa at Vision Expo, featuring a speaker/mic for private music or calls, notification alerts and a pedometer. They will be available in sunglasses and prescription frames and feature a swappable front and modular temple design.
Vital Stats: Dynfocals was awarded the 2018 CES Innovation award in the wearables category. The award is judged by a panel of preeminent designers, engineers and trade media to honor cutting-edge products with outstanding design and engineering.
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