Zeiss Vision Partners With Sunscreenr to Introduce UV Screening Tech for Eyes


Product: Zeiss Vision has partnered with Voxelight, LLC, maker of the popular Sunscreenr UV Camera, to develop a new hand-held tablet that shows consumers how much protection their eyes have from damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays and how susceptible they are to harmful exposure.
Top Line: Zeiss C-UV400 is designed to illustrate the amount of UV protection present in a pair of eyeglasses, and is the first time eyecare professionals will be able to show patients how much of this invisible light is being blocked. Zeiss C-UV400 is debuting at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at Booth #45446 in Hall D (Sands Expo).
Displayed on an eight-inch tablet, Zeiss C-UV400 incorporates Sunscreenr’s patent-pending UV camera technology, showing whether or not a person’s eyeglasses are protecting their skin and eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays by using a new indoor light technology. It also showcases Zeiss UVProtect technology, which makes full UV400 protection standard in all Zeiss clear lenses. Launching this spring, C-UV400 technology captures images that help eyecare professionals evaluate and improve UV protection for their patients’ eyes and delicate eyelids.
Close Up: Zeiss UVProtect technology bridges a critical gap in UV protection in clear lenses—from the incomplete UV380 industry standard to now full UV400 protection. This largely unknown 20 nanometer gap in protection is responsible for exposing an estimated four out of five eyeglass wearers to as much as 40 percent of the most harmful UV rays. Such prolonged UV exposure has been directly linked to photoaging, cancer and cataracts—the leading cause of blindness.
“Partnering with Sunscreenr to develop C-UV400, we are taking another significant step in establishing a new standard of care for eye health,” said Jens Boy, president at Zeiss Vision North America. “Combining Sunscreenr’s unique technology and expertise in UV cameras with our Zeiss UVProtect lenses, we can elevate the conversation about the importance of UV protection for the eyes among the eyecare industry and everyday consumers alike.”
“We are very excited to launch this one-of-a-kind UV experience with Zeiss at CES,” said Brian Baucom, chief marketing officer at Sunscreenr. “This is a true partnership between a forward-thinking company like Zeiss, and a tech startup like ours to show the value of Zeiss UVProtect technology for eyeglass wearers and eyecare professionals.”
Vital Stats: For the C-UV400, Sunscreenr incorporates unique AI facial analysis algorithms and a new indoor light technology to recognize if a person’s eyeglasses are not adequately protecting their eyes and skin from UV. During the CES debut of this technology, attendees can try on clear eyeglasses with one lens using Zeiss UVProtect technology (UV400), and the other with a lens meeting the current industry standard for UV protection (UV380), for a striking side-by-side comparison. Attendees can also take a UV photo of themselves and enter for Zeiss and Sunscreenr giveaways at the booth.
More information on the partnership between Zeiss and Sunscreenr, and the C-UV400 can be found here.