Vmax Vision Launches Integrated, Hand-held Glare Test Accessory


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Product: Glare Tester for Vmax VASR and Perfectus instruments
Top Line: Vmax Vision offers a new Glare Tester as an optional accessory for its VASR (Voice Assisted Subjective Refractor) and Perfectus instruments. By simply switching out the normal piece with a Glare Tester eye piece, the one instrument is ready to function as subjective refractor, wave front auto refractor, and performing a Brightness Acuity Test (BAT).
Close Up: With the VASR, a BAT test can be performed at the end of subjective refraction. Any degradation in visual acuity under glare stimuli can be detected at the patient’s BCVA. Cataracts can be more accurately evaluated by its development stages, determining whether a patient should have a cataract removed.
The built in glare testing is unique. Vmax is the only company offering such a three-in-one instrument. Three glare levels; low, medium and high can be selected from a switch. It has a USB charge port and a rechargeable battery. The brightness levels at the entrance pupil are calibrated to 12 foot-lamberts (FL), 100 FL, and 400 FL, respectively, which is identical to a commercial BAT instrument.
Vmax also offers a slim Handheld Glare Tester. It functions essentially same as the built in accessory. The unique feature of the hand held unit is its thinness. That makes it ideal to be used in conjunction with phoropter. The slim design allows to be used with the patient's eye in close proximity to the phoropter’s lenses, shortening the vertex distance, thereby, lessens the induced measurement errors. The handheld unit has an advantage over the commercial BAT instrument, since it eliminates the need to have patients look through a bulky instrument.
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