Product: Spark Mi Up
Top Line: Shamir is launching Spark Mi Up, a touchless measuring device that allows ECPs to take all required measurements with just a few clicks, while keeping patients at a safe distance. Stylish and technologically advanced, the mirrored device is both a measuring tool and a camera, simplifying the process of taking measurements in under a minute while keeping the patient and optician six feet apart.
Close Up: With Spark Mi Up, the patient looks at the mirror, as they naturally would, wearing their chosen glasses. The optician clicks once, and the patient’s image is captured. The image appears on the optician’s computer screen, along with an immediate and accurate, automatically measured PD. The optician can now get all the other measurements needed from the computer: FH, frame box, DBL, BVD, and panoramic. Plus, it now has an option to provide additional measurements for glasses with pantoscopic tilt.
An advantage of Spark Mi Up is its ability to take measurements through sunglasses. The device can clearly see the patient’s pupils, even with the darkest of lenses. Measurement for sunglasses is now just as quick, easy and accurate as for clear lenses.
Vital Stats: Height from base: minimum 13 inches/maximum 20.5 inches; base: 10.24 inches x 10.24 inches; total unit weight: 10.14 lbs.