Product: Reflex Pro
Top Line: New advances for a neurological diagnostic tool for traumatic brain injury and various cognitive issues are helping more health care professionals access the technology to treat patients.
Close Up: The Reflex product suite from brightlamp, a Purdue Foundry-affiliated company, allows a broad spectrum of medical professionals to securely capture critical diagnostic pupillary light reflex data. Next month, the company will release its third version of Reflex, Reflex Pro, a powerful iPad solution for clinicians.
“This new advanced form-factor for Reflex makes it accessible to clinics across the country and significantly outpaces hardware pupillometers in performance and usability,” said Kurtis Sluss, CEO and founder of brightlamp. “Our team has revamped the Reflex tool with a fresh design, better workflow, and heightened analytics. The problem with diagnostic tools today is that they’re ugly and hard to use. We’ve crafted a better experience to provide cleaner and concise information that neurologists, optometrists and general clinicians need in a format that’s easy to understand.”
Vital Stats: An optometrist, chiropractor or medical technician can simply bring up the Reflex or Reflex Pro app on their iPhone or iPad, hold it at the optimal distance from the patient’s eye and Reflex’s machine learning algorithm takes it from there. The secure mobile Reflex platform offers near-instant repeatability of physiological and unbiased tests, which allows diagnosis and recovery monitoring for multiple neurological applications through pupillary light reflex measurements. Reflex’s proprietary SaaS platform leverages the user-friendly HD Apple iPhone and iPad video camera, which serves as a secure mobile data collection and transmission platform for Reflex’s pupillary evaluation software.