Product: Vision-R 700 Refraction System
Top Line: Essilor Instruments is launching the Vision-R 700 refraction system, which “revolutionizes the refraction process, improves practice productivity, and enhances the patient experience,” according to the company.
Close Up: Vision-R 700 uses a unique optical module with variable focus in combination with an exclusive new patented technology, Digital Infinite Refraction. The simultaneous and continuous variations of the sphere power, cylinder axis and cylinder power make it possible to offer a new cylinder-search method based on a vectorial approach to refraction. Combined with the properties of a very precisely-controlled optical module that is integrated into refraction-search algorithms, Digital Infinite Refraction offers great scope for advancements in refraction methods.
“We are excited to introduce the state-of-the-art Vision-R 700 refraction system as a new addition to the innovative ophthalmic product line of Essilor Instruments. Vision-R 700 was developed through years of research and is manufactured exclusively by Essilor. The advanced technology is dramatically different from other auto-phoropters on the market. Vision-R 700 will help eyecare professionals grow their business through a superior patient experience and valuable time spent with patients after refractions to discuss lens and treatment options,” said Jean-Christophe Paris, senior vice president, Essilor Instruments Americas.
Vital Stats: The unique features of Vision-R 700 can serve as the a platform for teleoptometry. The optometrist does not need to be in close proximity to the patient to adjust the monocular pupillary distance or vertex distance, and the patient position is easily monitored. The automated smart programs and algorithms guide the practitioner from start to finish offering efficiency. The silent and smooth lens changes, ability to incorporate a patient response of ‘Don’t Know,’ and simulated comparisons will enhance patient comfort and confidence in the prescription.