Product: Smart Mirror for iPad Pro and iPadOS 14
Top Line: ACEP is introducing the new Smart Mirror for iPad Pro and iPadOS 14.
Close Up: This latest version is the only iPad-based measuring digital device that does not require the use of a cumbersome frame clip to measure PDs and Heights quickly and accurately, and all the other measurements necessary to ensure a proper lens fit, according to ACEP.
Smart Mirror is by safer than a pupillometer and easier to use than other digital measurement devices and proven by thousands of optical retailers worldwide to minimized rechecks, remakes, and return. With Smart Mirror’s augmented reality lens simulator, patients can quickly visualize how they will see through the different types of multifocal lenses, computer lenses, AR, polarized, or photochromic. It gives patients an immersive visualization of their lens choice, as opposed to a sales pitch.
Vital Stats: Smart Mirror frame selector makes the eyewear selection process exciting, easy, and fun and helps patients, including high myopes or those with dilated eyes, see themselves for the first time in their eyewear choice.;; (888) 989-4227