Blackfin Debuts Ventura Sunglasses Collaboration With Modena Cento Ore


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Blackfin is once again partnering with Modena Cento Ore, the only car race in Italy in which drivers race on track and in special stages on roads closed to traffic. As an official partner, Blackfin will provide drivers with a pair of sunglasses for use on and off the track.
Blackfin will provide Modena Cento Ore drivers with a pair of the modern caravan-style Ventura sunglasses, a retro-inspired double-bridge frame. The glasses will also feature the brand new Blackfin Luminar polarized lenses, the lightest polarized lenses in the world with the optical quality of glass. These lenses are designed for driving or to be worn under a helmet, and provide a new level of visual protection combined with the quality and light weight of titanium frames.
Modena Cento Ore runs from June 4 through 9, 2019. The race course stretches east to west across Italy, with a finish line in Piazza Grande.