VSP Vision Care Launches 'Eyeballs Are Amazeballs' 2020 Campaign

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RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif.—VSP Vision Care announced the launch of its “Eyeballs Are Amazeballs” advertising campaign. Designed to celebrate our eyes, the national campaign encourages consumers to prioritize their eye health in 2020, including enrolling in a vision benefit plan and getting a comprehensive eye exam. The campaign creative and video honors all the amazing abilities of eyeballs, including serving as an important window into overall health, the company said. For those without vision benefits through an employer, the campaign points them to VSP Individual Vision Plans, which start as low as $13 a month, providing access to eyecare and eyewear through the country’s largest network of independent doctors.

VSP declined to say what proportion of its business is from Individual Plans or membership details, but a spokesperson told VMAIL, "Membership in VSP Individual Vision Plans is a growing segment of the business. In fact, the direct-to-consumer plans have experienced double digit growth in each of the last three years."

“For 65 years, VSP has been focused on a mission of helping people see,” said Wendy Hauteman, chief marketing officer of VSP Global. “We continue that mission in 2020, which serves as the perfect year to raise awareness of the critical role vision care plays in overall health, and to celebrate the truly amazing things our eyes do for us.”

According to a study of U.S. adults from VSP Vision Care and market research agency YouGov, “8 in 10 people (84 percent) rate vision as the most important sense, and nearly everyone (97 percent) agrees that having healthy eyes is important, but only half of people get annual eye exams.” Additionally, less than 5 percent of individuals were aware that chronic conditions like diabetes and certain cancers could be detected through eye exams. The campaign, created in partnership with consumer action agency Mering, features a unique mix of digital assets across connected TV, programmatic and social advertising, which will run nationally from Jan. 31 to May 31, 2020, VSP said.