Vivior and SwissLens Establish Collaboration for Development of Personalized Contact Lenses

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ZURICH, Switzerland—The Swiss companies Vivior and SwissLens announced Monday that they have agreed to collaborate in the field of personalized multifocal soft contact lenses for presbyopia correction. The objective is to optimize the design in soft multifocal contact lenses by using the data generated by Vivior’s visual behavior monitor, the Vivior Monitor, according to the announcement. Vivior, a digital health start-up founded in 2017 by a group of experienced ECPs, developed the novel wearable device, the Vivior Monitor, to objectively measure visual behavior prior to vision correction interventions. The system collects daily activity data from customers and patients, processes these data in the cloud, and analyzes the lifestyle patterns using machine-learning algorithms, according to the company. This ground-breaking combination enables ECPs to better understand the needs of patients and allows ECPs to “offer optimal personalized solutions to [patients],” the company added.

“The cooperation with SwissLens represents another milestone for Vivior,” Andreas Kelch, sales and marketing manager, vision care, at Vivior, said in the announcement. “With SwissLens we have an established Swiss company as a partner in the growing field of multifocal personalized contact lenses. Both cooperation partners pursue the goal of achieving better vision comfort for customers and patients and complement each other perfectly in terms of technology.”

Pascal Blaser, head of sales and R&D leader at SwissLens, noted that Vivior's innovative monitoring system will provide objective measurement data of visual behavior that are still unknown today. “As a manufacturer of individual lenses, we can incorporate this data into the development of innovative new multifocal lenses,” Blaser said. “We are pleased about the partnership and the possibly resulting optimized lens designs that should enable the wearer to see better in all areas of vision.”

Since 1997, SwissLens has been manufacturing individual contact lenses of the highest quality and distributing them to eye specialists in over 25 countries.