NEW YORK—Jobson Research has issued two new reports about how ECPs are using technology in their practice. One is titled Using Telemedicine in Your Practice, which examines how ECPs have used telemedicine during the pandemic. This research was run in July 2020 and again in Jan 2021 and trends are shown in this report. The second research product looks at handling social media, online reviews, practice website development, apps, patient communications, appointments, virtual try-on and inventory tracking and management.

"Both of these reports are examples of how technology is impacting the industry and the effect of the pandemic on digital usage patterns. The Telemedicine report specifically shows how usage, and the intent to use, has
changed from the height of the pandemic to the emerging post pandemic period. We hope that our readers find these reports useful," according to Bill Scott, president of ECP, PAA and Research for the Jobson Optical Group.

The Telemedicine report looks at survey data from ECPs about patients and telemedicine, telemedicine platforms, the learning curve, pricing and billing, perceptions and communications about telemedicine.

Both reports are available for purchase separately, or together at a special price. Details are posted here on the Jobson Research site.