Tim Abarta.

LOS ANGELES—OptaZoom announced that top technology executive, Tim Abarta, has been appointed chief technology officer, effective immediately. He will report to Aaron Kosman, CEO at OptaZoom. "Tim is a one of a kind in that he brings unmatched experience, countless trials, and errors as well as plenty of wins on his shoulders. His bold, optimistic perspective and unparalleled competence, will attract even more stellar talent to the team,” said Kosman. “Tim’s abilities will further propel OptaZoom technologically which in turn will advance on our mission in simplifying the operations for independent eyecare providers.”

The company said that Abarta will lead OptaZoom’s technology and complete oversight of the operations organization including technology strategy, and platform development. This includes the company’s data strategy, presenting reports on the company’s technology status, goals, and progress, identifying what technologies can be used to improve the company’s products and services, creating and overseeing high-level KPIs for the IT department, and managing the department's budget. In addition, all other IT and technology teams at OptaZoom will also now report to him.

"Having been a part of the early innings of Lynda.com as well as diving into the ZipRecruiter triangle, it's incredibly exciting to have the opportunity to redefine the future again with Aaron and the OptaZoom team," Abarta said. "After getting to understand the eyecare industry and pain points for optometric practice owners, it’s inspiring to think about how technology will continue to help innovate the way OptaZoom can further streamline and enhance the day-to-day for private practice optical and optometry."

Before joining OptaZoom, Abarta served as senior UX engineer at Lynda.com (now LinkedIn Learning) working closely with the founder Lynda Weinman, and the CTO, Fritz Haberman. Consequently, his thought leadership and his contributions were instrumental in the 1.5 billion dollar acquisition of that company by LinkedIn. Prior to doing his own consulting, Tim joined the ZipRecruiter team as a UX developer focusing on front-end development with an emphasis on A/B testing.

OptaZoom is a leading B2B e-commerce platform for eyecare professionals. The platform encompasses all categories of the optical industry to give practitioners access to many companies within five product categories: frames (eyeglasses, sunglasses), supplies and equipment, contact lenses, and accessories. OptaZoom also has a webinar partnership with ODsonFinance group.