Thélios and Stella McCartney Announce Long Term Partnership


LONDON and LONGARONE—Thélios Eyewear and Stella McCartney have announced an exclusive, long-term partnership for Stella McCartney eyewear. Under the agreement, Stella McCartney will collaborate with Thélios on sustainable innovation in the eyewear category. Thélios will develop, manufacture and distribute Stella McCartney eyewear beginning with the Spring/Summer 2021 collection, which will be available beginning November 2020. The first collection will incorporate a row of sustainable features, including bio-lenses composed of 39 percent castor oil, with carbon reduction emissions of 40 percent on the raw material.

Additionally, the frames will feature a version of bio-acetate composed of fibers derived from wood and cottonseeds, plant-based plasticizers and 68 percent organic carbon content. Stella McCartney Kids will also feature bio-acetate for the first time.

McCartney said, “Since Day One, we have been committed to creating materials that are the most desirable, with the least impact on the planet—including in the plastic-heavy luxury eyewear category. We introduced to Thélios our bio-tech solutions and sustainable innovation, and are thrilled to have their experts join us in growing Stella McCartney’s eco-friendly vision.”

Giovanni Zoppas, chief executive officer at Thélios, said, “We are delighted to welcome Stella McCartney to the Thélios family at a time when sustainability and protecting the environment could not possibly be more important for us and our industry. Her unique vision will also benefit our other Maisons that are truly committed to limiting their environmental footprint and using sustainable materials.”