CARLSBAD, Calif.—SynergEyes, a leader in specialty contact lens technology, has established an exclusive distribution agreement with EyePrint Prosthetics, according to an announcement Monday. The alliance enables SynergEyes to offer the ScanFitPRO lens, which combines elevation specific technology with exciting new developments in the field of ocular topographical scanning, to its customers and their patients. The new partnership was announced at the 2022 Global Specialty Lens Symposium (GSLS) in Las Vegas. SynergEyes is planning to commercialize the SynergEyes ScanFitPRO lens in the third quarter of 2022.

SynergEyes customers will have access to the unique ScanFitPRO process, which quickly and easily designs a lens using freeform manufacturing technology and 3D imaging to deliver a one-of-a-kind scleral lens, according to the announcement. This custom software gives practitioners the power to design an individualized ScanFitPRO lens based on a scan of the patient’s unique ocular profile without diagnostic lens fitting, enhancing design accuracy and fast-tracking the fitting process.
The new offering is consistent with the SynergEyes mission to provide individually designed lenses for unique patient eyes, while simplifying the fitting process and increasing the rate of first lens dispense, the company said.
The partnership with EyePrint Prosthetics strengthens the SynergEyes portfolio of products supporting the continuum of care for keratoconus and other corneal irregularities, while providing a robust commercial operation for the revolutionary ScanFitPRO lens. The SynergEyes continuum of care includes the UltraHealth hybrid lenses for mild to moderate keratoconus, and the SynergEyes VS scleral lens for more advanced cases.
The addition of the ScanFitPRO lens will enable SynergEyes customers to meet the needs of patients further along the continuum who have a highly irregular sclera and, for those who choose to do so, the ability to fit a scleral lens empirically.
"We want to continue to offer independent eyecare professionals a broad portfolio of contact lenses for every corneal condition. The partnership with EyePrint Prosthetics, and the addition of the ScanFitPRO lens to our line, strengthens our offering to our customers and the patients they serve,” said Bob Ferrigno, president and chief executive officer, of SynergEyes.
"We are excited to partner with SynergEyes to bring the unique ScanFitPRO technology to its customers,” added Christine Sindt, managing commercial director of EyePrint Prosthetics. “SynergEyes is known for its expertise in the specialty contact lens space and has a proven commercial operation. This partnership brings benefits to our companies, our customers and their patients as well.”
The ScanFitPRO design software is compatible with Oculus Pentacam’s Corneal Scleral Profile (CSP) Report and the Eaglet Eye’s Eye Surface Profiler (ESP). Both scanning technologies capture the patient’s eye in straight-ahead gaze, which maximizes accuracy. The scanning process takes less time and is more accurate than a diagnostic lens fitting.