Seva Grant Will Help IrisVision Develop New Vision Technologies for Underserved Communities

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PLEASANTON, Calif.—IrisVision, a leader in digital vision technologies, announced it has provided a $200,000 grant to Seva Foundation, a global non-profit organization that provides eyecare services to underserved communities. The funding will be used to develop new technologies to treat vision impairment, and even prevent blindness, in underserved communities. It represents the first phase of a public-private partnership intended to “democratize vision health care around the world,” IrisVision said in a statement. IrisVision, best known as the creator of an award-winning VR solution that restores sight for those with vision impairments and is currently developing new telehealth applications for its vision care platform, will contribute its extensive R&D talent, leadership and resources to the initiative.

"This partnership with IrisVision will help Seva to continue delivering cutting-edge science and technology in eye health and vision care to the world's underserved communities," said Seva executive director Kate Moynihan. "One of our key tenets has been to continue investing in technology that advances eyecare for affected and at-risk communities, wherever they may be. When we saw the groundbreaking work IrisVision is already doing in low vision aids, virtual vision diagnostics and remote delivery of eyecare, we knew they have the scientific, technical and leadership talent to take our work even further."

IrisVision CEO and co-founder Ammad Khan, remarked, "Partnering with such a respected and prestigious organization as the Seva Foundation is an honor. They have established the pathways over their 40 years of hard work to restore sight to more than five million people in communities across the globe. In turn, our technology can help these communities regain the life-changing gift of sight. Together, we can truly make a difference in the world."

Seva Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides eyecare services to underserved communities across the globe. Since 1978, Seva has provided sight-saving surgeries, medicine and other eyecare services to more than 40 million people globally.