PADOVA, Italy—The shareholders' meeting of Safilo Group S.p.A. (SFLG.MI) met Thursday to approve the company's year-end 2020 financial statements and approve a new board of directors, as well as new rules related to the board. Later, the new board of directors at its first meeting approved Angelo Trocchia as Safilo Group's CEO. (Trocchia initially joined Safilo Group as CEO in 2018). The ordinary shareholders’ meeting approved the remuneration paid to the members of the board and the board of auditors. In relation to the appointment of the new directors, who will hold office until the approval of the financial statements on Dec. 31, 2023, they resolved to increase its composition from nine to 10 members and appointed the related members based on the lists of candidates presented by the shareholders.

In particular, from the list obtaining the majority of the votes, presented by the shareholder Multibrands Italy B.V. (company controlled by HAL Holding N.V.), holder of a total of 137,417,972 ordinary shares of the company, equal to 49.84 percent of the share capital, Eugenio Razelli, Angelo Trocchia, Melchert F. Groot, Jeffrey A. Cole, Robert Polet, Ines Mazzilli, Cinzia Morelli-Verhoog, Katia Buja and Irene Boni were elected. This list collected 138,767,972 votes, equal to 66.76 percent of the company’s share capital present at the shareholders’ meeting.

From the second list by number of votes, presented by BDL Capital Management (manager of the funds BDL Rempart Europe, BDL Convictions, BDL Navarre and RMM LUX BDL European Equity Alpha), holder of a total of 41,344,726 ordinary shares of the company, equal to 14.99 percent of the share capital, Matthieu Brisset was elected. This list collected 69,103,888 votes, equal to 33.24 percent of the company’s share capital present at the shareholders’ meeting.

In accordance with article 14 of the Company Articles of Association, the position of chairman of the board of directors is to be held by Eugenio Razelli, first candidate of the majority list.

The board thanked Guido Guzzetti for his important contribution during his mandate as member of the board.

The new board, just after its appointment by the shareholders' meeting, confirmed Trocchia as CEO.

In 2020, Safilo Group recorded net revenues for €780.3 million.