PORTLAND, Ore.—Pacific Artisan Labs (PAL), the largest independent, doctor-owned laboratory network in the U.S., has announced a partnership with North Carolina-based Independent Optical Lab (IOL). PAL, founded in 2018, has continually been at the forefront of innovative strategies to counter the constant push for consolidation of the optical industry. Vision Monday first reported PALs consolidation and partnership objectives in February 2022. This partnership-focused approach continues the company’s goal of remaining competitive against big labs through grassroots consolidation.

“At PAL, we launched a new business strategy in 2021 in response to the rapid consolidation of our industry, and we are honored to partner with IOL and join their strong ownership group led by Hayden Harper Holdings, to continue that growth strategy” stated Brandon Butler, president, and CEO of PAL.

“We feel this is a positive continuation of our disruption model that further expands our Artisan Lab Network (ALN) which was launched in January 2023. After meeting with the executive leadership team at IOL, we realized our synergies were perfectly aligned to bring our labs together and continue our goal of being the largest independent lab network in the U.S.”

Butler told VMAIL that IOL is a technologically superior laboratory with an incredible staff that mirrors the PAL culture and capabilities. He added, it only made sense that the two companies come together to bring best in class service to ECPs across the U.S., with labs now covering both coasts.

IOL stated, “We are thrilled to be partnering with PAL and joining the Artisan Lab Network. We are committed to provide an exceptional customer experience through a people-first approach and believe our partnership with PAL will accelerate our path to become one of the nation’s leading laboratories”

IOL was founded in 2019 with industry leading Schneider Optical Machine's state-of-the-art Modulo line, AR coating and automated edging capabilities. The partnership with the Artisan Lab Network and PAL, will bring new resources to IOL and support its continued growth and dedication to serving its customers through PAL’s extensive network.

As with PAL, IOL is an authorized Neurolens distributor and produces IOT and Shamir products in-house and will be adding Hoya to their portfolio soon. IOL has focused its energy on being the highest quality service lab catering to the high-end frame market and vision therapy customer base.

With this partnership, PAL now has two laboratories in their network and will have a third lab opened by this summer in Denver, Colorado.