RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif.—VSP Global announced the launch of a new national marketing campaign that debuted Dec. 17. VSP said the campaign is part of its ongoing commitment to support and reinvest in private practice doctors participating in the Premier Program. The ad campaign is designed to encourage VSP members to choose a Premier Program practice for their annual comprehensive eye exam and other eyecare needs. The campaign is visible here at the VSP Provider hub. Advertising will run nationally for two weeks across broadcast television, radio, streaming services, social media, and search.

“Premier Program practices are the core of the VSP network, and the number one thing doctors ask for is for VSP to market on their behalf” said Michelle Skinner, VSP Global chief network officer. “For the second year in a row, we’re proud to invest in a robust ad campaign on behalf of Premier Practices to help increase patient flow and revenue opportunities, supporting the long-term success of VSP network doctors."

New data from the company shows that more than 49 million patients have chosen practices participating in the Premier Program for their eyecare and eyewear needs over the past seven years. Of those 49 million, 14 million were new patients. Since the Premier Program’s inception, over $14 billion in revenue has been delivered to participating practices, VSP said..

This year, VSP has invested in Premier and other programs, products, and services to support doctors and their long-term success. This includes the COVID-19 Patient Care Grant program where more than 8,700 eligible VSP network practices applied, and received, a one-time cash grant to help offset expenses encountered due to the pandemic.

Additional areas of support and reinvestment include access to personal protective equipment to support practices in their continued delivery of essential and routine eyecare during the pandemic. Earlier this year, VSP leveraged its alternative manufacturing capabilities to design, manufacture, and distribute protective face shields free of charge, and this month, practices participating in the gold and platinum tier of the Premier Program will receive complimentary reusable face masks.

Premier Program status and benefits have been extended through June of next year, as VMAIL reported and VSP said that additional investments in the Premier Program being will be announced in the weeks and months ahead. More details are posted at www.vspproviderhub.com.