COSTA MESA, Calif.—Neurolens, an eyeglass lens company dedicated to providing pain-relieving comfort for hardworking eyes, has announced that it experienced “meaningful growth” in 2020 with the onboarding of more than 130 new practices. With consumers shifting their lifestyles to include increased screen time in response to work-from-home demands, optometrists have reported record numbers of patients suffering from symptoms such as headaches, eye strain, dry eye and shoulder and neck pain associated with eye misalignment, the announcement noted.

Neurolens said it offers solutions that help to alleviate symptoms of misalignment and provide relief to patients who experience discomfort when using their near vision to view digital devices, read or do detail work.

“We are thrilled that a growing number of practices are using neurolens technology and affecting change in the lives of patients in markets across the country,” Davis Corley, chief executive officer of neurolens, said. “2020 proved to be an important year in the evolving story of our growth as a company and we are poised to partner with even more practices in 2021,” Corley added.

Neurolens uses a proprietary "Contoured Prism Design" to bring the eyes into alignment. The prism is placed in the lens in a way that provides different amounts of prism at different distances so the eyes remain in alignment no matter where the wearer is looking. Standard prism lenses have one prism amount through the entire lens, so alignment will only be corrected when looking at a certain distance, according to neurolens.

With the increase in near vision demands that working from home brings, even more eyecare practices are interested in becoming neurolens providers in 2021 to give their patients relief, according to the company.

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