(L to R) Yokasta, district manager, Jacksonville, Fla.; Doug, district manager, Georgia and Maggie, district manger, Virginia took selfies at their recent meeting as part of the employee engagement with the #RSF concept.

VIENNA, Va.—MyEyeDr. is involving its doctors, associates, managers and patients in a new media campaign drawing attention to a “condition” known as Resting Squint Face, or #RSF. The sideways glance or squint, created when a person isn’t seeing too clearly, is demonstrated in a series of ads, short and long-form videos, posts and shares in a #RSF campaign which was launched May 23. Said Sue Downes, MyEyeDr. CEO, “Launching this socially powered Resting Squint Face campaign lines up very well with our goals of expanding the awareness of the MyEyeDr. brand and reaching a broader audience, from Millennials to those patients needing their first pair of progressives. At its core, we have positioned MyEyeDr. as the partner in delivering the best in vision health and stylish eyewear to help our patients see and look their best.”

Diane Vaccaro, MyEyeDr.’s chief marketing officer added, “We’ve been teasing the campaign on social media. And, initially, we are powering the views of this campaign through our associates sharing this across their social networks on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter. Our recent district meeting welcomed 45 district managers who have between five to 10 offices each as well as four regional directors who oversee those districts. We encouraged them all to take part and captured some associate shots of our team doing their best #Resting Squint Face at the meeting. We also

have been engaging associates and staff at all of our locations to take part and share their own interpretations, combined with clever posts and video spots that are underway now.”

Vaccaro told VMAIL, “We thought, gee, everyone can show photos of handsome guys and pretty gals in glasses. But there’s a cultural and societal mood out there and we thought, we could come at sending messages about eyeglasses and eyecare in a different way. We wanted to have a little fun with it and still be in the mix. We’ve mapped out a number of challenges to our offices for them to take part. #RSF can lead up to National Sunglass Day, where the message applies and then we see it also can be strategically aligned to back-to-school, digital eye strain and others. #RSF will include quizzes, fun posts and contests.”