Mosaic Eyewear Announces Distribution of Zen Barcelona in the U.S.


OMAHA, Neb.—Mosaic Eyewear has announced that the company has become the distributor for Zen Barcelona in the U.S. market. The distribution deal, which was finalized in November, became effective on Nov.1. The Zen Eyewear company which was founded in 2005 is based in Barcelona, Spain. The collection features bright colors balanced with minimalistic designs that are inspired by the iconic city. Mike Woodford, president of Mosaic Eyewear said, “Zen Eyewear’s innovative team creates unique designs that exhibit a fascination and respect for tradition combined with a love of invention and technology. Classic designs are revisited and blended with new materials like Tecnomol. Tecnomol was the result of a desire to create an ‘invisible acetate’ in collaboration with the University of Barcelona.”