Livongo and VSP Vision Care Partner to Reduce Gaps in Eyecare for People Living With Diabetes

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. and RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif.—Livongo Health, Inc., an Applied Health Signals company empowering people with chronic conditions to live better and healthier lives through a series of programs, announced a partnership with VSP Vision Care to expand outreach efforts to VSP members with diabetes. This partnership includes the opportunity for mutual clients to provide their employees with important reminders to schedule their annual comprehensive eye exam with a VSP network doctor. In addition, Livongo will now offer its diabetes, hypertension and behavioral health solutions to VSP employees and their dependents.

Livongo’s unique AI and aImEngine delivers vital eyecare insights, the companies’ announcement said.

“Livongo’s partnership with VSP Vision Care is another important step for us as we continue to enhance our Applied Health Signals platform and shows how Livongo’s consumer-first mindset leads to innovations that improve our overall member experience,” said Dr. Jennifer Schneider, president, Livongo. “Vision is an important piece of the health care experience for people living with chronic conditions, and especially diabetes. By seamlessly offering resources and insights to manage chronic conditions and vision care on one platform, we can better address the whole person and make it easier to stay healthy.”

Under most VSP plans, members with diabetes receive a covered-in-full retinal screening and are eligible for additional exams and services at the discretion of their VSP network doctor. Through the program, mutual members will also receive communications encouraging them to connect with a local VSP network doctor, via VSP’s ‘Find a Doctor’ tool

“Chronic conditions like diabetes continue to take an unprecedented toll on so many lives, yet comprehensive eyecare is a simple, but often overlooked way of preventing vision loss,” said Kate Renwick-Espinosa, president of VSP Vision Care. “As the leader in vision care for people with diabetes, we’re proud to partner with Livongo and offer our clients, members, and employees an effortless way to keep their eye health top of mind and help drive better health outcomes overall.”

VSP clients interested in adding Livongo’s chronic condition management services can contact their VSP market director.

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that more than 100 million Americans have diabetes or prediabetes. People living with a diabetes or prediabetes have an increased risk of glaucoma, cataracts, and is a leading cause of vision loss due to retinopathy. Having an annual comprehensive eye exam is critical for everyone, but especially for people with diabetes, as it can play a role in preventing or delaying blindness due to the condition.

More than 720 organizations including innovative self-insured employers, four of the seven largest health plans, health systems, and the two largest pharmacy benefit managers have adopted Livongo’s Applied Health Signals platform, the company said.