LOS ANGELES—Lensabl, the direct-to-consumer eyeglass lens replacement and contact lens provider, is adding a vision benefit platform, Lensabl+, to its online offerings. Designed for those without an employer-sponsored option, the all-online plans are available by subscription and are being sold directly to consumers. They are fully redeemable online, and can be customized to each individual's vision care needs so they receive comprehensive coverage without paying for items they may not need, the company said.

"We are excited to be able to further our impact within the vision care space by not only offering DTC eyeglass lens replacements, glasses, and contact lenses but now by expanding benefit and membership options for prescription lens wearers," said Andy Bilinsky, co-founder and CEO of Lensabl. "In building Lensabl, we realized just how complicated and expensive vision benefit plans can be for the consumer. We created Lensabl+ to optimize the benefit redemption experience, offer coverage that is personalized and comprehensive, and save a great deal of money each year.”

Lensabl is offering two subscription packages. The basic package includes a $60 gift card for getting an eye exam from an eye doctor chosen by the patient, plus a pair of new glasses or a lens replacement and a discount of up to 25 percent on additional Lensabl purchases. A premium package includes a year's supply of contact lenses.

Since starting out as a spectacle lens replacement service in 2016, Lensabl has been steadily building a robust offering of vision products and services. The Los Angeles-based company now positions itself as a one-stop shop for eyeglass or contact lens wearers. “In addition to lenses we offer our own frames, plus a wide variety of branded frames. We also offer contact lenses and online vision tests, and we recently added an app that can read the patient’s prescription off their existing lenses,” Bilinsky told VMail.

Lensabl’s growth has been supported by sales as well as by private funding, including $5 million raised from investors, both institutional and strategic, over the past year, Bilinsky said. The company's backers include Rogue Venture Partners, Amplify LA, Birchmere Ventures.

Later this year, Lensabl+ will launch vision plans for employers to offer to their employees as a group benefit.

Bilinsky spoke at the 2020 Vision Monday Global Leadership Summit about Lensabl’s approach to building out new services and capabilities to interact with patients and enhance the customer experience.