Bonnie DeMark (l) and Tasha Morgan.
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.—GSRx president, Keith Posin, has announced that Bonnie DeMark, ABOC/CPOA, has been named director of customer interaction, and Tasha Morgan has been named business systems manager and operations/customer service liaison for the Scottsdale-based eyewear supplier. DeMark will lead GSRx Customer Service and act as liaison to onboard, educate, and implement in-office programs for active and potential partners of the company. Morgan will transition to managing internal systems for ordering and lab production and be the point of contact between operations and customer service for job management.

DeMark’s new role will be an extension of her previous position as the onboarding specialist at GSRx and is a natural fit for her extensive optical experience. Prior to GSRx, DeMark spent more than 21 years in a high-volume, multi-location independent optometry office.

Morgan has been with GSRx since the company’s inception in 2013, with over 25 years of optical manufacturing experience before that.

“Our partners thriving is what keeps GSRx in business. Bonnie’s talents and experience, along with her ability to foster positive relationships, and Tasha’s knowledge of optical manufacturing and capacity to resolve issues and troubleshoot Rx jobs, will no doubt benefit both our company and our customers for years to come,” said Posin.

GSRx, Inc. is a lens and eyewear supplier that offers independent eyecare professionals advanced customized lenses, premium coatings and treatments, and turnkey in-office marketing programs.