Masoud Nafey, OD
RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif.—Eyefinity, the electronic health records and practice management software unit of VSP Global, has launched the Eyefinity Student Certification Program, a new training course that optometry students can access to become certified in using the Eyefinity EHR. The first of three planned certification sessions began Jan. 12 with 151 registrants, according to a VSP Global spokeswoman. The training program continues with sessions two and three beginning May 11 and Aug. 31, respectively. The last day to register for sessions two and three are April 30 and Aug. 24, respectively. Students need to complete only one session to become certified, and they will continue to have access to the Eyefinity EHR training environment until they graduate, according to the spokeswoman.

The program was developed to address an increasing aspiration among optometry students to demonstrate additional skills upon graduation and entering the employment marketplace, according to the spokeswoman. Masoud Nafey, OD, vice president of professional relations at Eyefinity, created the program. Among all eyecare practices using practice management software, more than 70 percent of these use an Eyefinity product, according to Eyefinity’s announcement.

Registrants for the Eyefinity EHR program receive a personal User ID and instructions for accessing the online training modules. There are five training modules each followed by an exam. Students have 60 days to complete six hours of study material. There’s also a final exam that is required upon completion of the training modules. Students who pass the final exam, earn a badge that can be posted on LinkedIn and which indicates they are an “Eyefinity Certified User.”

Students can register here