Eyecarrot Announces Vision Training Partnership Agreement With the NHL’s Dallas Stars


OAKVILLE, Ontario—Eyecarrot Innovations Corp. is launching a new vision training partnership with the Dallas Stars of the National Hockey League (NHL). This partnership will utilize Binovi Vision Training Technology, engineered by Eyecarrot, in conjunction with the instruction of Dr. Charles Shidlofsky, a leader in sports vision and neuro-vision training, according to an announcement from Eyecarrot. Eyecarrot is a human performance technology company that has developed Binovi, a hardware and software-centered platform. Binovi combines hardware, software, specialized expert knowledge, and unique big data insights in order to deliver customized one-on-one training and treatment.

Dr. Shidlofsky, who is board certified in vision development and vision rehabilitation said, “As the Dallas Stars vision specialist, I was thrilled to partner with the Binovi team. This is a tool that we use to work on hand-eye coordination, reaction time, visual-cognitive activities and visual attention. Together, we were able to create baseline testing and then position-dependent training activities.

“We hope to personalize training activities by individual needs based on a comprehensive sports vision analysis. We are excited to help the players vision skills reach elite levels, which will make the ultimate product on the ice even better than it is already,” he said.

The Stars have won one Stanley Cup (1998-1999), been Conference champions twice (1998-1999 and 1999-2000), and topped the Central division eight times, most recently in the 2015-16 season. With a dynamic group of young players and prospects making their way to the NHL, the Dallas Stars are poised to surge in the coming years.

Adam Cegielski, founder and CEO of Eyecarrot Innovations Corp. said, “The high-speed, high-impact play of NHL-level hockey is the perfect example of a sport in which improved human performance can have a huge impact. Much has been done in recent years to improve player health and performance from both a nutritional and bio-mechanical standpoint, but vision performance training is still relatively new and perfectly positioned to disrupt training regimens.

“We’re looking forward to working with the Stars’ training staff to develop and implement new protocols to help the next generation of hockey players be the absolute best they can be.”

In addition to investing into the continued development of their professional hockey players, the Dallas Stars Foundation invests into its greater community by creating unique programs that nurture and enrich the lives of those in need, the announcement said.