Due to Coronavirus Health Warnings, Mido Organizers Reconfirm Show Dates, Will Offer Digital Platform for Visitors Unable to Attend


MILAN—Organizers of the Mido, exhibition, which will take place Feb. 29 through March 2, issued a communication on Feb. 3 to its visitors stating, "We are continuing to monitor the situation surrounding the Coronavirus health warning, paying close attention to all the provisions and recommendations from the World Health Organization, the Italian Ministry of Health and the Italian National Institute of Health. As things stand today, we confirm that the 50th edition of Mido will take place as scheduled, in compliance with current health regulations"

The statement continued, "In light of the restrictions on travel from China prescribed by global authorities, it is possible that many exhibitors and visitors from China will have to cancel their plans to participate in the show. Mido has therefore decided to provide a new digital platform to those exhibitors unable to participate that will allow them to introduce their new products on line and the registered Mido visitors to view them and make contact directly with the companies."

"We repeat that, as previously indicated on January 30, in order to safeguard exhibitors and visitors, Mido 2020 will adopt all additional preventive measures recommended by the health authorities. We would also like to express our solidarity with the Chinese people who, at this time, are experiencing a serious crisis health, economic and social crisis. We are available for clarification or any needs you might have and will promptly notify you of any new initiatives, regulations or changes.."