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BALTIMORE, Md.—David Hall, former CEO of managed vision care vision care company Spectera/United HealthCare Vision, passed away at home on September 6, following a brief illness. He was 67 years old. Hall had led the growth of Baltimore-based Spectera from a small, regional vision care plan into one of the nation’s largest plans with over $450 million in revenue at the time of his retirement in 2007. Hall also fostered the sale of Spectera to health care giant United Health Group in 2001 and continued as CEO of UHG’s United HealthCare vision care and dental divisions until his retirement.

Under Hall, Spectera grew by 1,500 percent in 10 years and expanded from just three offices to over 30. The company added Fortune 500, hospital systems and government clients including American Airlines, Siemans, Home Depot, Mercy Health System, the State of Indiana and the Federal Government employees.

Before Spectera, Hall graduated from Johns Hopkins University and began his career as a physician’s assistant. He joined Spectera in the Care Management division in 1983, before becoming senior vice president of sales and eventually CEO in 1996.

Tom Davis, former Spectera chief sales and marketing officer said, “David Hall was the ultimate gentleman that led by example, rather than through the power of his position. David had a vision of what Spectera could become and the ability to have people believe in and pursue that vision with him. His ability to predict market trends was key to the explosive growth of the company. He was a mentor and friend to me and to many others he worked with”.

Hall is survived by Lynn, his wife of over 43 years and two adult children, Andy and Erin, in addition to four brothers and his mother. Services were held at 11:00 a.m. at St. Joseph’s Monastery Parish, Baltimore, on Sept. 28.