YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio—Classic Optical Laboratories, set an all-time company record for eyeglasses manufactured in a single year as it delivered the one millionth pair from its central laboratory here last month.

“We are proud to be able to help more than one million people by improving their sight,” said Dawn Friedkin, president of Classic Optical Laboratories. “The entire Classic team is continuously striving to find ways to increase performance to provide the best service possible to meet the needs of our customers quickly and efficiently. The perfect mix of technology and a dedicated work force of more than 270 craftspeople are the reasons we are able to produce more than one million pairs of eyeglasses in 2017.”

Classic Optical is a full-service ophthalmic laboratory that was founded by Friedkin’s parents in 1970. The lab has been owned by Essilor of America since 2013. One of the top producing labs in the country, Classic inventories frames for nearly all of the orders it receives, enabling it to produce complete pairs of eyeglasses.

In addition to serving independent eyecare professionals throughout the U.S., Classic offers expertise in developing custom solutions to manage high-volume eyeglass programs for insurance organizations, health plans, managed care organizations, union organizations and trust funds, educational institutions, traditional retail chains, click-n-mortar companies, and numerous federal and state government programs.