California State Senate Designates Oct. 10 as Blue Light Awareness Day


NEW YORK—There are an estimated five billion mobile devices in use globallywith the average person spending over nine hours a day bouncing between digital screens. Recent studies show growing concerns over health implications and visual discomfort associated with blue light overexposure, which impacts 73 percent of adults under 30 years old, and 65 percent of all Americans.  Recognizing this worldwide epidemic, the California State Senate has designated October 10 as Blue Light Awareness Day—appropriate given the estimated 80 million mobile devices in use statewide. Globally, today is also known as World Sight Day, designed to bring attention to vision impairment, but the state of California is taking it a step further as the first legislature to acknowledge the growing issues stemming from blue light exposure. Citizens, particularly children, are encouraged to consider taking protective safety measures in reducing exposure that can lead to issues such as:.

• Compromised sleep
• Headaches
• Dry eyes
• Blurred vision
• Premature aging of the retina
• Macular degeneration

Companies such as InvisibleShield and Gunnar Optiks  have designed solutions to combat the blue light overexposure. InvisibleShield’s VisionGuard line of screen protectors is infused with Eyesafe technology to safeguard eyes against bluelight.

On October 10, the brand is donating 50 percent of VisionGuard sales through its website to vision non-profit CharityVision. Gunnar Optiks, the innovation leader in blue light blocking gaming and computer eyewear, provides consumers a fashionable blocking solution for any digital device screen.