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MONTREAL—BonLook, the Montreal-based eyewear retailer, announced that it has acquired EyeMeasure, an application that measures a patient’s PD and seg height. The app, which can also be used with iPad, iPhone or iPhone X, includes virtual try-on and frame digitization. The terms of the deal were not announced. “Innovation is one of BonLook’s core values, and this new acquisition allows us to move closer to our objective of improving eyecare service and prescription eyewear purchase accessibility in-store and online,” said Louis-Felix Boulanger, BonLook’s chief operating officer and co-founder.

“For several months now, BonLook has been working to identify solutions that can address changes in the industry, while developing new technological tools that we will not only be able to use but also share with other players in the industry. We are currently reinventing systems that will allow eyecare professionals to gain access to greater potential for expansion in terms of e-commerce and to reach more customers in an innovative and efficient manner,” he said.

BonLook operates 37 stores in Canada, according to its website. The EyeMeasure acquisition is part of the company’s growth plan. In addition to pursuing its sales operations in-stores and online, BonLook said it aims to act as “a vector of technological innovation in the field of optics.”

BonLook intends to enable other businesses equipped with a transactional site to implement the application to take measurements and to access its software development kit (SDK). This will allow partners to develop their own mobile applications and to benefit from the measurement and virtual try-on features.

The EyeMeasure application will now be included among BonLook’s services while remaining available to the general public without charge on the Apple App Store, BonLook said.