Bollé Brands Relocates U.S. Headquarters to Carlsbad, California

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CARLSBAD, Calif.—Following its 2019 acquisition of Spy Optic, as reported in VMAIL in September, Bollé Brands has moved its U.S. corporate headquarters into Spy’s California headquarters in Carlsbad, California. This move will put all of the Bollé Brands brands, including fashion brand Serengeti, Cébé and H2Optix, under one roof in the U.S. Bollé Brands global headquarters will remain in Lyon, France and the company will continue to take a leadership position in the design, conception and production of performance sport, lifestyle and fashion sunglasses, ski and bike helmets, and goggles.

In addition, Bollé Brands is launching two major initiatives: Customer First and EPIC. The Customer First Program aims to deliver premium service to all of the company’s retailers. Louis Cisti, global vice president of marketing for Bollé Brands, said, “We strive to provide our retail partners with optimal conditions so they can offer our consumers the best possible Bollé experience.”

EPIC stands for Excellence in Product Innovation and Creativity. The program sets the stage for the company’s production teams to develop “the best and most innovative, performance driven products available in the marketplace,” Bollé Brands said in an announcement.

Bollé’s new Phantom lenses are a result of the EPIC initiative. The lenses feature new technologies including NXT, a material that raises optical clarity.

Of the EPIC initiative, Cisti said, “We have chosen to make this the focus of the brand, and the contribution that the EPIC center makes to the brand is a key component in this process. It is also why we have invested heavily in the brand to design and develop products that are perfectly adapted to performance sports… We have a strong hand complete with our French know-how and heritage and our expertise. And we intend to play it for all its worth.”