The 21st Century Service Mandate for Today’s Modern Ophthalmic Labs

Rx optical laboratories play such a critical role in the ophthalmic business. Ask any ECP or optical retailer and they’ll affirm how strongly they value and rely upon labs to fulfill and deliver on the service expectation of their patients and customers. It’s one of the most critical elements of how their businesses fare.

Today, as that so-called “Amazon Effect” takes hold—consumers expectations altered to expect the delivery of what they want, when they want it—it’s helping to bring back the priority of fast service and convenience. As the story’s intro says, “Eyecare professionals and optical retailers are feeling the heat, and so are the labs they depend on.”

This, in turn, is helping to reframe notions of speed and service/delivery in the $40 billion U.S. optical business. That’s big.

In this edition’s Cover Topic, VM examines, too, how new digital systems, technologies and strategic approaches are being brought onstream to modernize ophthalmic lab capabilities and workflow. Investments are being made in labs of all sizes around the country.

Actually, today’s Rx optical labs, are finding themselves right in the middle of today’s new “supply chain” mandate, and are becoming the true technology centers of this business, which touches the lives of so many patients and customers.

Perhaps you don’t think often of “what goes on” inside the labs you count on to process both simple and complex Rx jobs. But it is fascinating to understand the new manufacturing and distribution changes underway today. It might also help augment and enhance the messages you deliver to patients about what goes into making their eyeglasses, which, let’s face it, few patients appreciate.

In any event, as VM reports, today’s Modern Labs power the optical industry and enable ECPs and retailers to meet the increasingly stringent service requirements of their customers.