Stay Focused, But Don’t Neglect That Peripheral Vision


Those of you who read this column are vision experts. I’m feeling fairly confident that most of you know how to define “focus” and “acuity” and both near- and distance vision. Well, let’s get out the dictionary or thesaurus because when it comes to anticipating the year ahead, we’re going to need every vision metaphor and definition in the books.

- With digital technology disrupting and opportunizing so many elements of business, we all need to stay mindful of new views and interpretations to manage our business.

- With changing consumer habits and expectations about service, we’ll need to examine and discern new patterns of behavior, which are tending to embrace some combination of “real world” retail and doctor visits with virtual online access, tools and imagination.

- With consolidation and acquisitions literally reshaping the competitive landscape in the optical industry (and, actually, all industries), everyone’s going to need to view their future with clear lenses to identify strengths, ask the right questions and determine the best ways to stand out and differentiate their service, brand and message to patients and consumers.

It’s 2019 but the year 2020 is a mere 11 months away. Find your focus. Throw away the blinders. Be proud of your company’s heritage and strengths but don’t hold onto the past so much that you can’t allow yourself to visualize a new future