Reconsidering New Business Models and Professional Paths

An interesting comment I saw recently on Twitter asked if there was a “battle for the future and soul of the healthcare industry” going on as, the writer put it, “It’s not clear whether business savvy or classic medical principles will be the dominant force in shaping change.”

Hmm, valid question. However, I wonder if it is truly inconsistent for health care professionals to have both an awareness of business matters as well as a devotion to patient care? Not everyone excels in both areas, that’s for sure. But do these things have to be mutually exclusive?

I do not think so. And I’d wager that most eyecare professionals don’t think so either.

We’re seeing that this has become a leading topic among ECPs, particularly, but not limited to, optometrists. Consolidations, high-profile acquisitions, new investments and new types of practice structures can indeed influence both financial success and rewards along with 21st century ideas about focused patient vision care.

Perhaps this is a cumulative thing based on years of concerns about decisions within the independent OD’s control and other types of decisions that are not.

Perhaps it’s a reckoning, a realization that more conventional notions of primary care practice are no longer fitting comfortably with these challenging business-competitive times.

In any event, practitioners need to make sure they understand their business, as well as professional, options. And to put themselves in a position to ask the right questions, be willing to provide honest and real answers, avoid rumor and judgment, and make decisions from there.

VM and VMAIL have extensively covered the advent of private equity-backed deals and companies and the reasons why. This month, we examine several new programs and approaches that propose still other options for business support and professional future choices for ODs.

Let us know your thoughts on all – this is a subject that’s going to be a priority for months and years to come. Thanks.