‘It’s All Good’

There is much that we all know, those of us who live and breathe vision care, about the fragmented and sometimes fractious state of affairs in the complex field of vision care.

Here’s just an abbreviated list:

  • Modes of professional practice or practice career choices.
  • Types of retailers from premium and luxury to mainstream and value.
  • Views about the necessary skill sets of those who understand the complexity of optics and fitting eyewear properly.
  • The impact (for patients, suppliers, ECPs) of insurance and reimbursements as U.S. health care changes.
  • Theories about the impact of consolidation (those who do it and those who compete against it)
  • Different distribution and delivery systems among lenses, frames and contact lenses.

    We all know the “list” (and you each probably have your own), that “litany” of things that speak volumes about the many different elements of this vision field. But, guess what? Much of the “outside” world, from business decision makers to legislators to regular people and patients, do not know this. They might sense competing or mixed-messages and signals about how to get vision care, what’s the importance of vision care and why it’s so connected to their health and wellbeing.

    That’s why, when it comes to the goals of #WorldSightDay which concentrates messages from ALL types of players involved in the vision care space about the lack of access to eyecare, a simple refraction or a pair of reading glasses or Rx glasses that would literally change lives, education, productivity, work, life for millions of people around the world and in the U.S. of A as well—it’s important to note the commonality among all of those who are getting behind such an important communication.

    #WorldSight is the common theme. And whether a person benefits from a purposeful initiative of one or two doctors, opticians, associates or thousands from among the biggest companies and NGOs out there, “It’s all good.”

    Let’s remember that, even as the day-to-day competitive challenges arise. Everyone in this field is involved in helping people see, live more productive lives, take care of their families, and yes, change the world.