WOODSTOCK, Ga.—The American Association of Corporate Optometrists announced the appointment of two new directors to its board: Frank LaRussa, OD and Laureen Waldron, OD. In addition, Robert Houghteling, OD will take on the role of vice president and interim secretary, while Carla Gavilanes Gasparini, OD will serve as treasurer. With these changes, AACO’s board will now comprise of a total of eight directors. “Each of the following board members brings with them a unique perspective and an unyielding drive to create a brighter future for the corporate optometry profession,” the organization said.
● Melonie Clemmons, OD: president
● Robert Houghteling, OD, FAACO: vice president/interim secretary
● Carla Gavilanes Gasparini, OD: treasurer
● Mark Jackson, OD, diplomate ABO: director at large
● Gordon Penn, OD: director at large
● Jennifer Bodley, OD: director at large
● Laureen Waldron, OD: director at large
● Frank LaRussa, OD: director at large
Melonie Clemmons, OD, AACO president, said, "We are pleased to welcome Frank and Laureen as new directors to the board at this important time. We are confident they will provide valuable perspectives as we continue to execute our strategy, drive visibility, and enhance value for all AACO stakeholders. As AACO continues to evolve, we are committed to regularly evaluating our leadership to ensure we have the right mix of skills and experience to advance our goals and reflect the diverse views of our AACO members and community."
AACO provides technical and professional education, practice resources, and tools for corporate affiliated optometrists so they may provide the highest quality care to their patients.