Florida Optician Thanks Vendors for Hurricane Irma Relief Efforts


(L to R) John Sheldon OD, PA, Ashley Baron,
middle-office manager and Stanley Ehlin,
licensed optician.
The following "thank-you note" came to Vision Monday from Stanley Ehlin, a licensed optician at Island Vision Care in Marathon, Fla. The practice can be reached at islandvisioncare@gmail.com.

It's been 5 weeks since Hurricane Irma hit. I would like to say something about some of the companies in our industry. We have been devastated by Irma. Everyone within 80 miles has been affected. I spoke to a few of our vendors and asked for help. Three of our vendors stepped up and donated frames and lenses enabling us to offer free exams and free eyeglasses to people that were adversely affected by Irma.

I would like to thank these companies. Patients have literally dropped to their knees and cried out with joy when they received free glasses. The hurricane is over but the road all victims must face is just starting. Lots of resident lost their home and car. Lots of businesses are gone forever. All of these people know they need to start their lives over again.

They are all so appreciative of what we are able to offer because of our vendors. VSP labs in Fort Lauderdale and Columbus, Ohio have given us lenses to offer to patients. Many of those lenses have changed people’s lives. Charmant and Clarity have donated frames—good frames that we have packaged with VSP lab lenses to give to our patients.

I just want to thank these companies that stepped up to help and have asked for nothing in return.