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Survey: 20 Percent of Adults Have Purchased Leisurewear During COVID-19 Crisis

NEW YORK—With the coronavirus pandemic changing the way many U.S. adults work, there’s also been a corresponding change in what people wear to “the office,” which more often than not is a home-office these days. As a result, months may have gone by since many Americans have worn anything but “non-soft pants,” according to a recent report by market research firm CivicScience.

“Sweat pants, joggers, and other comfy clothes have moved into the spotlight of peoples’ wardrobes, winning MVP since March (when lockdowns began),” the research firm noted. A rundown of the survey’s findings can be read here

According to CivicScience’s research, that is the case. Based on responses from more than 2,500 adults, the survey found that 26 percent of those who wear leisurewear say they like and are wearing leisurewear more than they were before the COVID-19 situation.

Furthermore, in a survey of adults who have heard of leisurewear (which is 90 percent of the U.S. adult population), 20 percent say they have purchased leisurewear since the coronavirus crisis started, with another 15 percent answering that they plan to in the near future.

In addition, the survey found that women (28 percent) and younger individuals (18 to 24-year-olds, at 39 percent) are “the most amped about leisurewear and most likely to report they’ve been wearing it more.” Males (24 percent) aren’t too far behind females, though, when it comes to reporting wearing leisurewear more frequently.

Among the other findings: Those who have purchased leisurewear since the coronavirus crisis started are much more likely to be female than male. However, men and women have nearly identical rates of intent to purchase in the near future. Furthermore, all age groups from 18 all the way up to 54 are nearly just as likely to report having made these purchases or intend to. Those under 34 are slightly more likely than those 35-54 to have already made these purchases, but it’s very close.

When looking at the five top brands, Lululemon and J. Crew fans, respectively, have the highest intent to purchase leisurewear soon. Walmart fans slightly under-index compared to the gen population when it comes to intent to purchase.