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Latest Vision Council Research Webinar Explores Evolving Consumer Behavior and Industry Response During COVID-19

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ALEXANDRIA, Va.—More ECP practices are open as states and local governments are loosening stay-at-home restrictions, acute consumer concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic are lessening in some parts of the country, and as of mid-May, 7.1 percent of U.S. consumers are looking to get an exam or vision screen using a virtual/digital/telehealth/telemedicine platform during the COVID-19 crisis. These are a few of the highlights reviewed during The Vision Council's webinar yesterday, "Researching Recovery: Exploring Evolving Consumer Behavior and Industry Response During COVID-19."

Presented by The Vision Council’s research team , the webinar provided an updated view on consumer, member and eyecare provider sentiment and behavior based on recent study results.

Specifically, the webinar focused on how the vision industry is responding as the country begins the process of reopening, with The Vision Council’s research team providing the latest perspectives on business trends and performances, adjustments eyecare providers and industry companies are making to accommodate new regulations and recommendations, and how changes in consumers’ level of concern about COVID-19 and access to vision care services are impacting their behavior regarding eye exams, eyewear purchases, protective measures and more.

Some of the other info detailed in the presentations:

The number of adults that are “very concerned” with COVID-19 has dropped from its peak of 35 percent of the population feeling “extremely concerned” about the virus on March 26 to less than 25 percent of the population feeling “extremely concerned” about the virus by mid-May.

As state and local governments begin lifting restrictions on businesses, more ECPs (77 percent) are reporting being open to the public than during any other week since surveys began in March.

ECPs are requiring staff and doctors to wear and use a wide range of PPE when re-opening their doors to the public—with gowns, facemasks, headcovers and hand sanitizer being the most commonly required PPE.
The Vision Council will continue to host webinars throughout the year as part of the Member Insights Webinar Series focused on connecting, informing and uplifting the vision community.

VisionWatch is an ongoing study that provides The Vision Council’s members with exclusive insights into the optical marketplace’s current and historical trends, retailer shares, consumer traits and demographic breakdowns. The Vision Council issues other topical research reports throughout the year that are available for purchase.

The full May 21 Member Insights webinar presentation is available for download here on The Vision Council's site.