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COVID-19 Crisis Response Tactics: ClearVision, Shamir

VM brings you the latest information from optical companies and organizations responding to the coronavirus. ClearVision will begin sending out #EyecareStrong silicone bracelets to customers and friends within the industry. In a statement, the company said these bracelets aim to "demonstrate the organization’s support for local eyecare providers and the collective unity that exists within the optical industry." This comes on the back of the #EyecareStrong initiative that the company launched back in March, which encourages "the eyecare community to utilize the #EyecareStrong hashtag on social media platforms while sharing stories, encouragement and tips on how to stay safe and engaged with patients while navigating new work environments," the company said.

In addition, ClearVision's Online Resource Center, launched in March, continues to be updated every day. ClearVision also released a digital Guidebook on Reopening Your Business After COVID-19 in late April.

Shamir conducted an extensive big-data research study with more than 950 consumers, and cross-referenced results against five million Rx jobs, to learn how vision needs and behaviors have changed during COVID-19. The research model follows what Shamir studied two years ago for the Autograph Intelligence.

Shamir Insight, known for innovating progressive lens designs, has identified a clear trend for visual needs during COVID-19. Through in-depth research, Shamir will share survey learnings to educate ECPs on changes in consumer visual behavior and needs, including symptoms that relate to vision and physical discomfort (neck/back/etc.), then align learnings to solve consumer pain-points.

In anticipation of the reopening of eyecare practices, Shamir has prepared a research study that analyzes how visual behaviors and needs have been impacted by the current pandemic. The research, the first of its kind, analyzes big data and cross references consumer survey results against five million Rx jobs from the Shamir database.

The results of the survey show a very clear trend for visual needs. For example, more people are spending time on digital devices, and greater than 40 percent of consumers surveyed were unfamiliar with the dangers of blue light to the eyes. As Shamir further drilled into the research, they were able to identify lens solutions to solve the current demands consumers are searching for.

“The goal of the research is to ensure Shamir created solutions for our ECPs, aligned with consumer demands during this changing time,” said Phillip R. Pasit, director of marketing at Shamir. “We want to share the learnings with all ECPs, so they can match prescriptions to current challenges consumers are experiencing.” Through analysis of the survey and cross-referencing Shamir’s database, not only was there a clear trend in visual needs, but there was an opportunity to provide solutions to the needs consumers are seeking, Pasit said.

Shamir plans to share exclusive sales data with the ECP community to create a better understanding of the potential to solve consumer demands.

Pasit said that not only is it important for Shamir to educate the vision community on the survey results, the company also wanted to assist ECPs with a stimulus package to provide patients a “higher quality of life.” Together with selected frame companies, Shamir developed a “Better Together” stimulus package with lens designs specifically solving needs from the survey learnings. Additional details will follow, Pasit said.

The survey results as well as the “Better Together” stimulus package will be shared on May 28 in a webinar titled “The Effects of COVID-19 on Vision Habits.” Click here to register. Upon completion of the webinar, participants can visit to download the presentation and survey results, as well as learn details on how the “Better Together” stimulus package can help rebuild their practice.

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