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New CDC Director Mandy Cohen, MD, MPH, wants to rebuild trust in the agency—both internally and with the general public—through improving communication, focusing on data collection, and translating that data into rapid responses to public health crises.

During a press event in Atlanta on Wednesday, she emphasized that a primary goal will be to lead the agency through its recent reorganization undertaken by Rochelle Walensky, MD, MPH, the agency's former director.

"A lot of that hard work on the reorganization was very necessary in order to learn the lessons of the past pandemic," Cohen said. "And I'd say that work was done before I got here. I got to join at a time where a lot of that introspection for the agency was done. They plotted a new course."

She explained that her job will be to focus on three core principles of that reorganization, including promoting "being one team" within the agency, increasing internal access to important data, and using the first two efforts to improve the agency's ability to respond quickly to public health issues. Head over to MedPage Today to read more about it.