SYDNEY, Australia—BHVI (Brien Holden Vision Institute), the Australian not-for-profit organization with an international focus on vision research, has announced the launch of Myopia Awareness Week for 2022, a global initiative relaunched in 2021, to bring attention to the growing epidemic of myopia in children across the world. This year, Myopia Awareness Week is from May 23 to 28. A range of educational resources for practitioners, parents and advocates of myopia awareness will be provided by BHVI, with a focus on “Make Your Eye Moves,” a driver to engage in activities that promote eye health and reduce risk of myopia.

Along with content for social media, globally recognized individuals from the eyecare field will be providing their tips and recommendations for parents and children on “Eye Moves” that help reduce the risk of onset or progression of this debilitating ocular disorder. Resources and campaign information can be found at
Professor Padmaja Sankaridurg, head of myopia program, BHVI said, “The eye health of our young people matters more than ever before. COVID-19 has significantly raised the stakes and increased the burden of myopia. But there is hope, with much happening in research, product development and professional education to meet the myopia challenge.
"We must engage from the frontlines—through eyecare practitioners—to ensure they are able to educate their communities about myopia and manage and protect our children’s futures. We are delighted to continue to lead the way forward in myopia awareness and research at BHVI, and are thrilled at the continued support we receive from the profession and industry during Myopia Awareness Week—it is truly a global collective trying to move the needle on myopia management,” Sankaridurg said.